Haxball Fun Compo

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Haxball Fun Compo

Postby NOTORIOUS » 04/09/12 8:07

Dear Gamers,

Bestaat er ergens de kans om een Haxball compo op te starten? Voor degene die haxball niet kennen --> www.haxball.com

"HaxBall is a realtime multiplayer game that plays like a mix between football and air-hockey, and it's a real blast.

Best matches are 2-vs-2 or 3-vs-3, but there's no limit to how many can join."

Eventueel een 1vs1 of 2 vs 2 compo?

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Re: Haxball Fun Compo

Postby minimaljunk » 04/09/12 8:08

nice initiatief broeder !
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Re: Haxball Fun Compo

Postby enjoy » 11/09/12 15:54

haxball is awesome, maar via LAN gaat da toch niet?:P
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