Bring back DotA 2!

Heb je een vraag,opmerking of een suggestie ivm compo's of gameservers

Bring back DotA 2!

Postby Bobby » 21/05/15 15:34

Hello beloved Frag-o-Matic organisers

I would like to see DotA 2 again on FoM, me and the Belgian DotA community has recently shown much interest in another LAN party that hosts a DotA 2 compo (Esportsfestival). I'm aware that the previous FoM edition that had a DotA 2 compo was not as succesfull as was to be perceived by the organisation. Things have changed, there are several Dutch and Belgian teams looking out for opportunities like FoM.

This was probably dicussed already by the organisation but can I somehow appeal this terrible choice of not having a DotA 2 compo? If there is still a chance of allowing DotA 2 to enter the compo's you can use the DotA 2 Belgium facebook page to see if people are as interested as I'm telling you. I also have contact with some Dutch teams that would definitely want to join. ... 6/?fref=ts

This is the Dota 2 Belgium facebook group, which you could easily enter and utilize as a marketing tool, which is in my (most humble) opinion a win-win situation.
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Re: Bring back DotA 2!

Postby Coolkip » 30/06/15 12:31


I am a manager/player of a dutch Dota 2 team and we would really want dota 2 at FoM. I know another team that would like to go to FoM, if there is a Dota 2 comp. There are almost no Dota 2 LAN events in the Netherlands or in Belgium, but LAN events make a game grow. I hope there will be a Dota 2 tournament this year. We will definitely come!
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Re: Bring back DotA 2!

Postby Fusion » 29/07/15 15:17


Pretty much the same as the previous 2. Please bring it back.
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