Fifa and trackmania

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Fifa and trackmania

Postby caleb22 » 06/02/09 18:48

-Hey. Sorry i am writing in english but i cant write belgium :D.

I have tried to read every pages but i cant find it. I also try to write mail and ask thoes admins but they never answers :( :?? .

When does the Fifa tournament begin and when does the trackmania tournament begin.
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Re: Fifa and trackmania

Postby Mustek » 06/02/09 18:53

Tournaments are allowed to start from 00:00:01 on Saturday night. However, some admins choose to start later because they need to organise the pools & brackets. If you're not sure, don't be afraid to ask an admin.
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Re: Fifa and trackmania

Postby shogun » 06/02/09 18:57

Hey, if you go to the site and click on "GAMES", you will find the answers to your questions. I will quote the first sentence:

Registrations for the official competitions at Frag-o-Matic 11.0 are possible on the intranet during the event. For most of the competitions you can register yourself and/or your team from Friday evening 18h until 24h., however the admin, who is the person in charge of the competition, can decide otherwise.

Competitions will start officialy on Saturday at 00h00. The time of your first match will depend on the competition format.
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Re: Fifa and trackmania

Postby Disasterke » 14/02/09 20:29

The trackmania tournament starts probably around 01.00-01.30h(Night: Friday-Saturday). We start with 2 maps Time Attack as a qualifier round to make the seeding fair and easy. The bracket mode will start Saturday before noon.
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