Black Ops.

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Black Ops.

Postby Gnetic » 29/07/11 19:24

Hello my team is interested to come from Spain, for the Black Ops tournament.
But we got some questions

¿Prize of 1º place?
¿Gonna use the xkmod ?

need more info


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Re: Black Ops.

Postby Jerre » 03/08/11 21:58

More information will soon be communicated through our website
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby Gnetic » 04/08/11 18:28

Jerre wrote:More information will soon be communicated through our website

If you increase the prize money, teams Like Thermal Take, or Reason Gaming, or a lot of teams will come for sure, from france, spain, germany, etc.
The elite of organisations are no in Black Ops.

EMS was last year with black ops instead of Cod4..

For 1.000 no-one will come, you should know that.!

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Re: Black Ops.

Postby homie6080 » 04/08/11 19:58

No one asked you to come so dont whine about the prizes....
Not every lanparty can give 5.000 for one compo and u should know that too!
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby Gnetic » 04/08/11 21:58

Maybe you could get a Sponsor.
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby tiediiee » 04/08/11 22:41

Frag-o-Matic is a BYOC lanparty that aims for a variëty of games and gamers. We prefer to keep FoM as the greatest 'fun' lanparty in Belgium by organising +15 competitions(some more e-sports related than others), animation, theme, etc.
A BO competition with prizes worth of €1000 is already a serious amount for a FoM competition (and even for a Belgian/Benelux lanparty).
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby DaJay » 05/08/11 0:45

feel free to sponsor us, Gnetic...
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby Gnetic » 06/08/11 20:44

Thermal Take, Reason Gaming, etc will come but we are from Spain, and 200€ / each is too low for risk the travel!

So if you could rise a lil bit the cash prize.... a lot of clans will come!
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby D@SîR0 » 07/08/11 22:21

there are enough people who want to come and have a nice weekend instead of having to cope with wannabe "pro"-clans that whine about every little thing that goes wrong.

Prices on a lan are like cherries on a cake, and no one likes the cherries being picked by the neighborhood's bully
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby Banorac » 18/08/11 10:09

If you wanted to be that serious at esports you wouldn't be playing BO anyway.
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby Tony » 19/08/11 16:12

o so Team Thermaltake,iN7-eSports,Rage eSports,H2K,Reason gaming are no sirieus eSports? aha......

They all have/had black ops team..

Dont talke if you dont know the comunity pls..
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby Schism » 20/08/11 22:01

c'mon, don't argue guys. €1000 is a very nice price for a BO compo. it's highly unlikely that the organizers will up the price money just because people ask it on the boards. on the other hand, be nice kids. :lol: :: You better find it.
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby Drone » 21/08/11 0:45

seeing that i live in the city with the biggest market place in Belgium, perhaps i should go to the weekly market with a sign "need money for Call of Duty: Black Ops compo" :-|
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Re: Black Ops.

Postby PaulWilliam80 » 02/12/11 11:43

Hey thanks for this one! Really helpful :)
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