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Re: Seatplan

Postby Drone » 08/09/11 20:02

there are lots of seat plan requests coming in

your clan name should appear on the next seat plan update ( places are clan based, not nick name based )

if your clan does not appear on the next seat plan, contact the seat planner again
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Re: Seatplan

Postby Capeman » 11/09/11 0:33

in a few minuts the ZP is updated. and yes you are on it
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Re: Seatplan

Postby Miserie » 20/01/12 11:01

I reckon he ment SP but just went typo :)
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Re: Seatplan

Postby DaJay » 21/01/12 4:44

Capeman is allways right, our website is wrong, go go zeatplan! :)
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