1 More Question, What about our Gear

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1 More Question, What about our Gear

Postby Kolimdor » 02/09/12 2:05


So I wanna ask something. How to we do for our gear, how can we make it secure ?
If we come with our own computer & monitor, how can u promise it s in safety during our sleeptime ?

Thanks you for all the infos :-)

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Re: 1 More Question, What about our Gear

Postby Gelleby » 02/09/12 12:39


At night there is a constant patrol of FOM crew to make sure your equiment is safe ;)

+ at the entrance you cant get by our check-out without us checking the equipment going out.
At night we dont just lett anyone go out without us scanning the ID of the one going out and filming that...

If you have any more questions, please forward them to info@fom.be
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Re: 1 More Question, What about our Gear

Postby Cracker » 03/09/12 19:16

That said, it's wise to invest in a couple of (kensington) locks if you're unsure whether your gear is safe when you go to sleep.
I've never had anything stolen from me at Frag-o-Matic (or any other lanparty).
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Re: 1 More Question, What about our Gear

Postby pazazu » 14/09/12 9:51

Personally i use a small lock like the one below:


You lock all your cables with it and they will have to take literally everything at the same time. It saved me once when they tried to steal my headset. Those locks cost around 5 euros so its a cheap solution as well.
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Re: 1 More Question, What about our Gear

Postby mo6 » 14/09/12 11:19

To be certain that nothing gets lost or stolen, don't leave your gear behind unattended.
Make agreements with your fellow team/clan-mates that you take turn for sleeping so that there's always someone with the gear.
If you go to sleep it's recommended to take your gsm, wallet, (expensive mouse/keyboard) with you. And if possible secure your pc and screen with a (kensington) lock.

Fom has regular patrols and a camera-security system and close monitoring for in and out going people with gear. But theft is always possible if you leave your stuff open on your desk for everyone.. So be carefull for your stuff.

These are just some personal tips I give from my experience on a lan-party... and...I've never lost a thing..
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Re: 1 More Question, What about our Gear

Postby Zupertails » 17/09/12 6:13

Even if somebody tried to steal your gear, there's a photographical recording of basically EVERYONE going in and out of the building, with a timestamp to that.
If they would be stupid enough to steal something big, like your PC: that would be registered on camera.
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